Ken Lord

Ken Lord is the president and "make it happen" person. Ken grew up in the shop. Ken works on-site to do the concept work and planning, work with the design process, and oversee the quoting, fabrication, installation and start-up. Ken has 35 years experience at C. & K. Lord, Inc.

Email: ken@c-klord.com

Carmen Kuhn

Carmen is the office manager. She does the purchasing, billing and accounting.
Carmen has 24 years with C. & K. Lord, Inc.

Email: carmen@c-klord.com

Ricky Dukes

Ricky does the virtual designs, laser programing and CNC bending programming. He has worked his way up through fabrication, machine shop, water jet and laser operation and programing. He is also involved in design, CNC programming and production in projects. Ricky has 8 years with C. & K. Lord, Inc.

Email: ricky@c-klord.com