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C & K Lord, Inc is a custom Job shop. "If it's made of metal, we make it." This has been the initial driving passion of this business since its founding. This means our customers can count on C & K Lord to find a practical solution to design, fabricate and deliver products that meet our customer's specifications.

We have a long reputation of experience and expertise and history to prove it. C & K Lord has been in business since 1947 and still has the same philosophy. We are utilizing the best equipment in our industry. Our shop is constantly adapting to the changing needs of our customers and new technology.

Featuring Additions to our Fabricating Capability:


C & K Lord can now offer new and expanded services for our customers

  • CNC Laser
  • Laser is equipped with RotoLas, for cutting tubes and pipes
  • Addition of a second CNC brake
  • Addition of a CNC mill
  • Addition of a CNC lathe
  • Addition of a CNC saw

The addition of this new equipment enables our shop to offer our customers an opportunity to outsource manufacturing parts that can be Laser or Water Jet cut and CNC bent or CNC machined to critical tolerances. We will work with your production schedules.

The CNC laser and press brake enables us to combine the software to create new metal parts that may not require welding or machining.

The RotoLas or laser tubing cutter uses a chuck similar to a lathe, and we can cut complicated shapes in pipe and tubing more efficiently than machining.

The Water Jet is more efficient to cut thicker materials. The Water Jet can cut square and round tubing, pipe and other materials.


Along with our new capabilities, we remain true to our traditions and skills.

All types- with modular plastic belts, stainless steel belts and custom radius and spiral conveyors.

Millwright Services:
We can work independently or as a sub-contractor in a larger layout plan. Installation and rigging of production lines, including hoppers, chutes, tanks and stacks.

Process Piping:
We can layout and install process piping connecting process equipment with valves, pumps, flow plates, CIP systems and aseptic packaging systems. Orbital welding can create invisible joints. We can work from P&ID's to quote and install your system.

Design and Layout:
We can use 2D or 3D software to design or create your parts or layouts.
Virtual Design enables us to accelerated design modifications.

Some Industries Served:

+ Architectural Mesh
+ Aseptic Processors
+ Bakeries
+ Construction
+ Conveyors
+ Defense Contractors
+ Electrical
+ Environmental
+ Fabricators
+ Natural Resources Marine
+ Marine
+ Medical
+ Seafood processors
+ Transportation